Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sexual abuse of children is a nasty little secret that NOBODY wants to talk about. But it's everywhere; it knows no ethnic, religious, educational, racial or economic bounds, and it doesn't just happen to little girls.

Abuse of children, and specifically sexual abuse of children, is widespread and apparently more prevalent that many of us realize. It occurs in derelict alcoholic homes & mansions in the suburbs, homes where methamphetamine is being used, and homes of church leaders.

This blog has been set up after several months of prayer, planning & talking with various friends & supporters. This is a grass-roots effort to provide support to abuse victims within the Native American community. In the past several months, the severity of the problem within the native community has been slapping me in the face, so I've decided to do something about it. Instead of beating my head against a wall, trying futilely to address the symptoms of domestic violence & substance abuse, I've realized that childhood sexual abuse is the root  cause of many problems. Whether abuse occurred in an alcoholic home or (frequently) in a church-run or government-run boarding school for Indian children, it's prevalent throughout our communities.

This blog is an effort to provide support to Native American women who are survivors of sexual abuse, because many live in fairly remote areas where there are no support groups. Several of my friends have agreed to write up their stories of triumph over childhood abuse, and I'm also looking for comments from counselors, professionals, law enforcement officials & spiritual leaders.

I'd like to know of resources that may be available. If you know of good books, or have an adult survivor support group in your area, let us post it on this blog so that others will know about it. If there isn't a support group in your area, look into starting one!

Sexual abuse of children was never a part of our past, lets try to keep it from being a part of our future!

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